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Cat Toys & Gifts

Toys for Your Cat

When looking for toys for your cat remember:
Choose toys that emulate the “hunting” experience as closely as possible. Toys such as laser pointers are not good because cats cannot emulate the “kill”, leaving them frustrated.
Catnip is a natural plant that stimulates cats’ nervous systems and is very useful to get your cat active. Romany and Treacle's favourite toys are the ping pong balls and Zebedee catnip mice.
Try our range from the Cat Fancier’s Association of America. These toys have been specially imported and are specifically designed and proven to address known health problems in cats.
Most of all, try new things. Every cat is different and requires a variety of stimuli to be healthy.

Fun for You

We have a unique range of fun cat gifts for you or your cat mad friend including cat statues, hand made sculptures and jewellery. We regularly update our stock so if you are after something in particular please ask as we may be able to order it in for you.

Essential Toys for a Happy Cat

"No diamante jackets"

If you are looking to dress your cat up in costumes or hats Kitten to Cat is not for you. Everything in our range is selected by the vets and nurses because they have a specific medical or behavioral benefit.
If there is something that we don’t stock please ask as there may be a good reason why we don’t.

Essentials for a happy cat:

  1. Litter and litter trays – one plus one per cat for multi-cat households
  2. Carry case or cage
  3. Brushes, combs and nail clippers for grooming
  4. A selection of toys
  5. Scratching posts – important to emulate natural behaviour
  6. Drinking fountains – good for stimulating cats to drink, reducing urinary problems
  7. Food and drink bowls
  8. Diet
If you eat a regular diet of fast food high in salt and fats you can expect to undergo preventable and expensive medical treatment in later life. This is equally true of cats.  Kitten to Cat stocks ranges from leading veterinary diets that are not available in supermarkets. These include a variety of dry and canned foods. We advise on the best diet for your individual cat as needs vary depending on age, weight and breed.  Some problems can be treated by prescription diet alone.
We also stock a range of more specific equipment including:
  1. Calming feline pheromones
  2. Catnip
  3. Litter trays designed for older / arthritic cats
  4. Cat beds
  5. Reflective collars
  6. Automatic cat flaps that open just for your cat (identified by microchip)

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