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Omniotic - Advanced Ear Cleaner Omniotic - Advanced Ear Cleaner

Veterinary Exclusive Omniotic is a multi-action ear cleaner which can be used in dogs, cats and rabbits. Omniotic efficiently removes wax and debris from the ear canal. Contains an anti-viral and anti-bacterial non-ionic detergent. Maintains a suitable pH without effecting efficacy of any antibiotics. The additional benefits include supporting the natural healing...

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Omnicardio - Cardiac Support Omnicardio - Cardiac Support

Omnicardio is a multi-action cardiac support supplement which can be used to support cardiac health in all patients. Omnicardio supports myocardial contractility, coronary circulation and systemic arterial pressure. It contains key vitamins specific to the heart muscle. Crataegus 100mg Vitamin E 100mg Taurine 100mg L-Carnitine 500mg

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Omnicutis - Complete Skin Support Omnicutis - Complete Skin Support

Omnicutis is broad spectrum nutritional supplement developed to support healthy skin. Highest level of the most effective Omega 3 fatty acids combined with all the nutrients required for skin maintenance. Contains 7 natural ingredients all proven to be most beneficial for the skin including Zinc and Vitamin A.

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Omnimatrix - Supporting skin's natural healing Omnimatrix - Supporting skin's natural healing

Omnimatrix is a revolutionary, veterinary exclusive skin cream rich in 9 herbal extracts and zinc oxide to support the skin’s natural wound healing processes and is suitable for use in dogs, cats, horses and reptiles. Omnimatrix can be used through all stages of wound healing and due to its unique ingredients provides an antiseptic environment and supports the...

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Dermousse from VBS Direct for cats and dogs Dermousse from VBS Direct for cats and dogs

Dermatological foam for dry cleansing and deodorising dogs, cats & other pets. 200ml Liquid Mousse ·          Novel dermatological foam for dry cleansing of hair and skin in dogs, cats, ferrets and rodents. ·          Cleanse and deodorise without wetting....

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Dental Max Toothpaste from VBS Direct Dental Max Toothpaste from VBS Direct

50ml Gel containing Chlorhexidine for dogs & cats. ·          Highly adhesive stomatologic gel, used direct on gums or brush. ·          Helps prevent plaque and tartar build-up, control halitosis and strengthen tooth enamel. ·...

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Dental Max Spray from VBS Direct Dental Max Spray from VBS Direct

Chlorhexidine oral spray for dogs & cats. 125ml Spray containing Chlorhexidine, Mallow and Ginkgo extracts, Trioxyethylrutin and Sodium Fluoride. ·          Mouthwash for dogs and cats. ·          Alcohol-free formulation with many beneficial effects on...

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Dermo Shampoo from VBS Direct for cats and dogs Dermo Shampoo from VBS Direct for cats and dogs

Gentle shampoo for dogs and cats. 200ml Liquid Shampoo ·          Used as cleansing treatment for regular and continued use, for both healthy skin and in presence of keratinization disorders. ·          Contains cleansing components that wash away dirt and...

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Diclorex Foam from VBS Direct Diclorex Foam from VBS Direct

Dermatological foam indicated as adjuvant to therapies managing various skin diseases including allergies, bacteria, parasites, fungi and skin irritation. 200ml Liquid Foam Medicated shampoo for dogs and cats containing chlorhexidine. ·          Innovative composition enhances deep cleansing and cleaning...

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