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To get the very best out of a fresh, healthy, diet, or in fact any diet, it is vital your cat's digestive system is working effectively and efficiently, literally from top to bottom!

Our proprietary blend of herbal extracts, and sweet-tasting vegetable glycerine, will provide the natural help and support your cat's digestive system needs to ensure it processes its food as efficiently and effectively as possible, thereby getting the very best from its diet.  In addition Kitty Ease contains herbs chosen specifically to help support liver function and maintain normal waste elimination.

Directions for use: Give 4 drops per 2.2lb (1kg) bodyweight twice daily.  This means that each 1.69 fl oz (50ml) bottle will last an average 10lb (4kg) cat approx 30 days using 16 drops twice daily.  If preferable give 30 mins before food to help faster assimilation, but do not worry if this is not possible.  They can be added to a small amount of food or broth or just added to their normal feed.

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