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Many of us have experienced not only the distress caused to our spayed bitches or elderly entire dogs when they have 'accidents' in their beds whilst sleeping, but also the additional work incurred with daily bed washing! Some breeds are more prone to this problem than others, we have Dobermanns that seem to be one of the most commonly affected breeds. In response to her own Dobermann bitch's needs, our Medical Herbalist has formulated a liquid product containing herb tinctures known for their ability to help support and maintain healthy bladder control and tone. (This mix does not contain hormones.) The LBM mix has been sold to several veterinary practices around the country who have reported excellent results with their clients' bitches. LBM is a pure tincture product which is designed to be added to your dog's food twice daily.

Directions for use: Add to food preferably twice daily

Up to 5kg (11lb) 0.5 to 1ml twice daily (1 to 2 total)
10kg (22lb) 1 to 2ml twice daily (2 to 4 total)
20kg (33lb) 2 to 4ml twice daily (4 to 8 total)
30kg (44lb) 3 to 6ml twice daily (6 to 12 total)
40kg+(88lb) 4 to 8ml twice daily (8 to 16 total)

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