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We are pleased to be able to offer our own Hydrotherapy unit at our Blackmore Clinic. This form of therapy is proving to be very popular and beneficial.

Kathy Johnson , Small Animal Head Nurse, is responsible for the management of our Hydrotherapy facility.


Why is Hydrotherapy recommended?


  • Hydrotherapy may be recommended by your vet after an operation to aid your dogs recovery.
  • Hydrotherapy may also be recommended as part of a treatment for strengthening joints and muscles, aiding their movement and mobility. It is ideal for easing the stiffness and pain associated with arthritis and other joint or muscle disorders.


How Hydrotherapy works


  • Water reduces the dog's body weight thereby reducing stress on joints, tendons and ligaments. This permits a dog to increase its range of movement and build muscles.
  • Water provides a support for unstable or healing structures, allowing dogs to exercise in a controlled environment that reduces the likelihood of injuries.
  • Water provides more resistance than air which assists in building muscle.
  • Warm water increases the temperature of the muscles, thereby reducing swelling and soreness.
  • Initially increasing and then maintaining long term mobility is critical for successful hydrotherapy

Come and have a look for yourself. 

For an appointment to use the facility at our Blackmore clinic or simply to view, ask any of our nurses or reception staff.

Alternatively telephone the Blackmore Clinic on 01277 823858

Hydrotherapy may be covered by your pet insurance and is an excellent way of helping your animal recover from orthopaedic or spinal surgery.

Most vets do not have Hydrotherapy facilities so we are happy to take patients from other practices and liaise with their veterinary surgeons to manage their care.

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