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This is a ProtectaKit™ to cat proof a the perimeter of a garden fence or wall which is 1.8m (6ft) high or taller. Each ProtectaKit™includes: high tensile cat mesh (in the length of the kit plus 5 metres surplus), cable ties (100 in 10-50m ProtectaKits™, 200 in 60-100m ProtectaKits™), 25 metres of galvanised wire, 10 heavy-duty eye hooks and 2 rawl plugs and 2" screws per bracket. All ProtectaKits™ include 1 Left and 1 Right Corner ProtectaPuss® Bracket and the following quantities of Standard ProtectaPuss® Brackets:

ProtectaKit Length Number of Standard ProtectaPuss® Brackets 10m 2 20m 7 30m 12 40m 17 50m 22 60m 27 70m 32 80m 37 90m 42 100m 47

We recommend that you fit a bracket to each fencepost in your garden or every 2m if attaching to a brick wall. In the UK, fence posts are usually spaced 1.8m apart. If they are spaced further apart than this, you may need to fit intermediate brackets for extra support. Please contact us if you require any guidance. 

The features of the ProtectaPuss® Brackets are as follows:

• Double bend in bracket provides enhanced protection for agile breeds of cats including, Bengals and Burmese
• Connecting surface is 30 cm (12”): for use on fences or walls 180cm (6ft) or taller
• Overhang is 70 cm (27”): optimum size for low visual impact on garden 
• Multiple holes for fixtures
• Rounded corners for safety and ease of installation
• Powdercoated gloss black to a high quality finish providing excellent protection from rust
• ProtectaPuss® logo as a mark of assurance and quality

Buying these components in a ProtectaKit™ enables you to make significant savings.

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