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Pet-ID Microchips - Why our chips are different

What makes Pet-ID Microchips different? At Pet-ID Microchips we believe in offering the best products available for pets.  As such our microchips are :- Guaranteed for life Supplied in the narrowest gauge needle for 12mm microchips and coated with Parylene-C to ensure microchips stay in place Registered onto Petlog, the UK’s largest...

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Pet Insurance from Pet-ID Microchips

Pet-ID Insurance – Cover Details Pet-ID Insurance offers a range of policies, including lifetime cover products – Select and Select Plus. You can also add optional benefit bundles to tailor your policy to your specific needs. If you insure 2 or more pets at the same time we offer a multi-pet discount. You can also add the following...

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Exotics Insurance from Pet-ID Microchips

Exotic Pet Insurance At Pet-ID Microchips we believe in offering the best possible cover for your pet, that’s why we have teamed up with ExoticDirect as they understand your pet is unique often with complex needs.  With over 20 years’ experience insuring a wide range of exotic pets including rabbits, ExoticDirect policies are designed with your pet...

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Equine Insurance from Pet-ID Microchips

Pet-ID Microchips Equine Insurance Pet-ID Microchips understands the value of protecting your horse should the unexpected happen. That’s why we work alongside Petplan Equine to provide you with peace of mind to know that you can get help with the cost of treatment your horse needs in the event of illness or an accident. What’s more, when you buy a Petplan...

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